Student Life

2017–2018 School Calendar


News & Events

Feb 22 – Living History Night

Feb 23 – End of 2nd Trimester

March 1-31 – DLS Plant Sale

March 4 – DLS Trivia Night at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church 5:30 pm

March 5 – 4th & 5th Grade Field Trip – UD Heritage Center – “I Have a Dream”

March 7 – DLS Lenten Meal at St. Paul Lutheran Church 5:30 pm

March 7 – Students sing at St. Paul Lutheran Church 6:30 pm

March 14 – Early Release – 1:30 pm

March 26 – April 2 – Easter Break

April 1 – Easter Sunday

April 1 – Early DLS Registration ends – fee increases to $150

April 9 – Track practice begins

April 11 – Early Release – 1:30 pm

April 25 – Kindergarten Roundup

May 4 & 5 – DLS Musical – Bell Tower Theater

May 9 – Early Release – 1:30 pm

May 12 – IDE Track Meet in Williamsburg

May 25 – Last Day of School



img_20160504_1159003082017–2018 Family Handbook

For complete information about general procedures, academic policies, and DLS activities, ask the school office for a copy of the 2017–2018 Family Handbook.

Hot Lunches

Hot lunch is offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  These affordable lunches (currently $2.20 per lunch + optional .60 cents per milk carton) are both nutritious nd delicious.  Meals are catered with preparation done by Resurrection School, Dubuque, following the National School Lunch Program.  The variety of lunch options helps keep lunchtime fun and interesting.
We’re always in need of volunteers to help serve hot lunch.  Parents are welcomed to sign up to volunteer to help serve hot lunch. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact the school office.  Click here for Sample Lunch Menu.

Before & After School Childcare

Beginning at 6:30 am and concluding at 6:00 pm, Before & After Childcare is available.  This service is provided by the YMCA and is conveniently located across the street in Kennedy’s gym.  Our DLS staff walks children over each day to and from Kennedy.  Contact the school office for detailed information regarding this program.


Weekly school chapel services strengthen the Christian faith of students and members of the school community.  The pastors oversee every aspect of the chapel services to ensure that they are in accordance with the Scriptures.  Parents are welcome to attend chapel services with the child if so desired.  Chapel provides students opportunities to learn about missionaries, local and international charities, and so on.

Field Trips

Some of the best school memories come from fun and fascinating field trips.  At Dubuque Lutheran School, students’ education will extend beyond the classroom to age-appropriate field trips.  Some of the exciting things on the calendar for this year are:

  • Performances at the Heritage Center including the Let’s Go Science Show, Everybody’s Hero, Pete the Cat, and Number the Stars.
  • Symphony performances at Five Flags Center.
  • Annual Bald Eagle Watch at the Grand River Center held by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Science Fair

4th & 5th graders participate in a DLS Science Fair where their projects receive a rating from independent judges.  This is a fun, academic activity that also involves creativity and presentation.  Students with the best projects go on to compete in the Iowa District East Science Fair.

Spring Musical

All DLS students participate in the annual Spring Musical which will occur at the Bell Tower Theater each spring.  The dates for this year’s musical are May 4th & 5th in 2018.  Stay tuned to hear what the musical will be for Spring 2018!

Student of the Month

Each month DLS chooses their “Student of the Month”.  Students that exemplify Christian and school values, and go above and beyond their expectations, are considered for the award by the DLS principal and staff.

Community Involvement

Dubuque Lutheran School seeks ways to involve its students and teachers in service to their community.  Below are just a few examples of how this has been accomplished:

  • Preparing Birthday Bags to the Dubuque Food Pantry
  • Singing Christmas carols at Julien Dubuque Hotel
  • Decorating Christmas Trees that were auctioned off to support Mercy Hospital’s Festival of Trees
  • Singing to and visiting the residents of Luther Manor
  • Hallway Bulletin Board – when students are featured in a publication showcasing their service to the community, the article is hung on the DLS bulletin board.  This promotes service to the community through encouraging students and teachers to give back to their community.

In the May 2015 Parent Survey, 95% of parents strongly agreed or agreed with the following statement: “DLS families and students are encouraged to participate in activities within our community.”  The same survey showed that 83% of parents strongly agreed or agreed with the following statement: “My child is encouraged to support mission work.”

School Song

It’s Cool In a Lutheran School

(A video of the song can be found here)

It’s cool, cool, cool, in a Lutheran School
With Christian friends and teachers, too.
It’s great, great, great so celebrate, brate, brate.
We share the caring Christ, in a Lutheran School!

We have a friend named Jesus;
He’s with us every day.
In classroom, lunch or playground;
We follow Jesus’ way. (refrain)

For Jesus Christ our Savior
Came down to earth to live;
To die and rise on Easter,
The whole world to forgive. (refrain)

We thank our heavenly Father
For minds to read and write.
Our learning starts and ends with
Our Savior, Jesus Christ. (refrain)