SCRIP Program

Exciting things are happening with our SCRIP Program!  The DLS School Board recently approved the use of SCRIP profits for tuition credit.  Hurray!  Now families are able to use 75% of the profits earned from their SCRIP orders for tuition credit.  Here’s how the SCRIP Program works:

  1. script-gift-cardDubuque Lutheran School (DLS) purchases gift cards or certificates from an extensive list of participating local and national businesses at a discounted rate.  (Click here for sample SCRIP Order Form)
  2. You purchase those certificates at face value to businesses you already frequent.
  3. The participating vendors from which you patronized using your SCRIP certificates will in turn give back a designated percentage (typically between 2 and 15 percent) to the school.
  4. Of that designated percentage, 75% goes towards tuition credit for your family while DLS receives 25%.
  5. Your 75% of the profit will be recorded as part of your tuition assistance.  Make sure to complete the SCRIP Profit Designation Form.

If you are still unsure of how SCRIP will work for you, here’s a more specific example:
Let’s pretend you purchased $100 in SCRIP to your favorite grocery store (Fareway, Hy-Vee, Walmart, etc.), which is set up to give back 4% to the school. The grocery store will give $4 to your DLS SCRIP vendor; then, DLS will credit 75 percent of that $4 profit to you for tuition. That equates to a $3 credit towards tuition costs!

imagesAll families that wish to participate in the tuition credit must complete a SCRIP Designation Form.  This form will need to be completed each academic year.  Even better, family and friends can participate too!  If you have anyone else that may be interested in helping you earn tuition credit, they just need to complete a SCRIP Designation form and list your family as the beneficiary.  If you need additional forms, please let the school know!

In order to accurately track the tuition credit earned, all families must place SCRIP orders online through  For complete detail about registering online, please see our SCRIP-online instructions.  If you do not have access to internet or a smart phone, please do not let this be a stumbling block!  Please reach out to the school office and they will be happy to assist you with the process!

shopwithscripAnother option for your convenience is paying with PrestoPay.  PrestoPay allows you to pay for your scrip online with a checking or savings account, as well as purchase e-cards (ScripNow) 24/7 online through the ShopWithScrip website.   If you choose not to enroll in PrestoPay, you will need to pay for your scrip with check or cash by the pre-set due dates/times listed on the schedule.  (Checks must be made out to Dubuque Lutheran School.)  If you are unfamiliar with SCRIP, please do not hesitate to contact the school office!  Even more information can be found at