Moms In Prayer

Moms In Prayer is a prayer support group that meets in the school Solarium on Thursday mornings at 8:30 for one hour to pray for our children and their teachers.

What is Moms In Prayer?

Moms In Prayer is comprised of moms, grandmothers, aunts, or any women who are willing to meet for one hour each week to pray for their children, Christian school, teachers, and administrators because they believe that prayer makes a difference. 


  • To stand in the gap for our children through prayer. 
  • To pray for teachers and staff. 
  • To pray that teachers, administrative staff, and students would be strengthened in their faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • To provide support and encouragement to moms who carry heavy burdens for their children. 
  • To pray that our schools may be directed by Biblical values and high moral standards. 
  • To be an encouragement and a positive support to our schools. 

To lift up your children before the Lord in prayer is one of the best gifts you can give them. Please consider joining us.

If you have any questions or want more information, call Ruth Barz at 563-690-0964.