7 Reasons to Enroll Your Child

Choosing your child’s education is an important decision.  Based on family reviews, we  believe that Dubuque Lutheran School gives your child the best foundation for a strong, successful life.  These are just a few of the reasons worth considering when deciding if we’re right for your family.

  1. Faith

Dubuque Lutheran School welcomes children and families of all faiths and denominations.  Our goal for your child is to include the Bible at the top of their books to study.  Learning the Word of God forms the foundation of all other texts.  In math, in social studies, in biology — all academic roads lead to God, in whom all knowledge has its origin.  Your children won’t travel that road in the local public school.

  1. Knowledge

Year over year, our children achieve overall higher test scores than other schools in Dubuque.  We not only exceed the state of Iowa averages, but we feel driven to provide an academically-excellent education for your child.  If you’d like to see our scores year over year, we’d be proud to share them with you.

  1. Personalized Student Attention

We provide an outstanding student-to-teacher ratio (currently an average of 14 students per classroom).  This allows teachers to build relationships with students and families.  By having more time to focus on each child, teachers provide personalized academic instruction and then use targeted learning methods to help each child excel and flourish.  Teachers also enjoy getting to know each child’s special personality that make them a gift from God.

  1. Innovative Learning

Children learn in many different ways.  Our outstanding student-to-teacher ratio allow us to learn how your child learns and apply methods that assist them in retention.  We provide our students with traditional learning tools as well as cutting-edge resources such as iPads, smart boards, and interactive technology.  Dubuque Lutheran School is also partnering with the Education department at Loras College in which DLS will benefit from being on the forefront of new educational methods and resources to apply in the classroom.

  1. Shared Values

If you’re like most Christian parents, you’ve taught your children about God since the day they were born.  You’ve taken them to church, read them Bible stories, and sung “Jesus Loves Me.”  Once they are ready for school, this should not stop.  While many public schools are prohibited by law from reinforcing the values you teach at home, you’ll no longer have to bridge any philosophical gaps between the mental and spiritual development of your child.  We join with parents in the continuing education (both academic and spiritual) of their children.

  1. Field Trips

Remember field trips as a child? Riding the bus and exploring?  Many children today aren’t given the opportunity to take the classroom outside.  We make it a priority to plan enjoyable, educational field trips just like we used to have growing up.

  1. Art and Music

Sadly today, many art and music programs are the first to go when budgets are cut, but we believe in a well-rounded, educational program.  Art and music are an important component.  Your child will thoroughly explore and enjoy art and music while at Dubuque Lutheran School.  A highlight of the spring is the annual Dubuque Lutheran School Play where all students participate — and have a blast!

We would love the opportunity to show you our school facilities and introduce you to our excellent teachers.  Please contact us to take a guided tour.  Experience the family atmosphere, joy, laughter, and fellowship of our hallways and classrooms.  You’ll see that Dubuque Lutheran School is dedicated to a solid academic foundation where your child will flourish and grow.